Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Dinner Night~March 22nd,2011

For "family dinner night" I made chicken stir fry.
Gabe cut 3 pounds of chicken into 1-inch pieces for me (thanks gaby) and I got him to season them with salt and pepper and brown them in the pan. I was out and when I got home. I got 2 big bags of frozen veggies. I added some water in a big pan and I sauted the veggies and I added a little teriyaki sauce to start flavoring it..then when the veggies are tender add cooked chicken and more teriyaki sauce..mix till coated well....Cook rice and serve with the stir fry.

Everyone loved the stir fry...=)

Debbie's Chicken Wings (as an appetizer)

Everyone REALLY loved these!!!! Actually Cousin Josh and Jess are eating them right now as dessert haha
Oh, u want the recipe..sorry its a secret!
Just Kidding! all it is ...is DUCK SAUCE (half jar)...mix with chicken and bake  350 degrees  for 1.5 hours..mix a couple times to crisp up!


Zucchini~I took left over herb butter and sauted it in a pan..yummy! 

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